Teaching Process


Recognition and understanding of behavioral patterns of the school going child is important for his/her proper growth and development. Our school provides proper management and counseling of the child which helps the child to attain the decided goals and in creating a healthy environment for optimum growth of the child.

Remedial Classes

Extra/Remedial Classes are held after school free of cost to the students who require special attention ensuring that every student has attained the prescribed essential learning outcome in all the subjects. Support of the parents is needed to encourage their wards by sending them to attend these classes.

Chapter Wise Assignments

The topic/chapter wise assignment is given on the completion of each topic/chapter. It is made like a CBSE question paper & on the same pattern. It enables the students to assess their understanding & preparedness of each topic, to again fully understand the weak topics and practice accordingly to achieve better results.

Question Bank

Class work registers are specially designed for the students of classes 9th to 12th who go through a rigorous academic program and also have to prepare for various competitive and entrance examinations which decide the future career of the students. The school encourages the student to understand each and every topic fully and completely and repeatedly practice doing all available questions on that topic.

MCQs Testing

MCQ testing through OMR sheets also forms a part of evaluation process. This helps the teacher to analyze which topics are not fully understood by the students and to again make them understand the same fully and clearly. The objective is to ensure 100% understanding.

Smart Learn Class for Viual Teaching

Smart Learn Class is a path breaking revolution that has transformed the way teaching and learning happens in classrooms. Every classroom is technology enabled with Smart Learn class that provides tools and content mapped to the curriculum for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning.

Story Time

  • Story-time has always been an important part of the ASS. We started the custom of welcoming families and their young kids to our school library for Story-time programs since we feel high about sharing with the community the value of early literacy, as well as the value of story-time-- a wonderful and terrific instructional experience to be shared amongst parents and their kids.
  • Story-time is an activity that permits each kid to take part and to share their own concepts about what is going on in the story. Story-time offers students the chance to take part, to use their blossoming language and thinking abilities, and to establish self-esteem and inner control as they excitedly wait to share their ideas.
  • We pick stories that improve a kid's vocabulary, exposing them to more advanced use of language. As an instructor checks out, students find to listen, understand information, sit still, focus, and follow directions. All of these abilities are important for school preparedness, and establish kids academically, socially, and mentally in preparation for their official instructional years.

Picture Information

  • Picture Information motivates discussions between young and older readers. While some kids take pleasure in checking out photo books by themselves, it's frequently the case that an adult or older brother or sister checks out to a more youthful kid. Speaking out an image book aloud triggers discussions about what's occurring in the story, what the characters are feeling, and the significances of words, how what's happening may connect to the kid.
  • Picture books assist bridge space in between generations, reinforcing bonds and forming connections as an older reader (whether parent, grandparent, older brother or sister, instructor, curator, and so on) check out aloud to a kid.
  • Picture books assist kids in linking what they observe with how they factor, connecting principles with words, and improves visual thinking abilities.

Table/Floor Toys

To feel enjoyed, safe, and delighted and to create open interaction are some of the basics advantages of the presence of toys that can make a child improvement. Our goal is to give optimum learning and improvement that will help your child find the importance of friendship and looking out after others.

A simple toy can spark innate creativity in your child's mind. Our teachers know this very well and guide every single child in a way that is so easy yet so intricate that the kids do not even understand that they are nurturing them.

Playing with toys is a natural thing for a child, but what can they learn from it can only be given by expert teachers, and here at ASS, each of the multi-functional acts that use toys as a learning medium gives a fantastic result of learning everyday morals.

In the lives of the five-year-olds who are daily, finding brand-new things knows that what we are teaching to them will be with a doubt highly beneficial, and we understand that this is the most important thing one can do a child.

External Dynamics

Every part of our body needs to be stimulated, and outdoor play certainly accommodates that, hence resulting in much better well being of students. We know that that outdoor education can be a crucial part of learning, stopping many student problems. We guide students to stay in natural environments that help them to start their creativity resulting in mental and physiological development.

Afterward, kids are pleased, inspired, and un-winded to do activities inside. They can focus much better on the job at hand as play promotes the neural connections in the brain and helps in controlling feelings, making strategies, and resolving issues.

Outdoor education needs partnership and group organization tasks. We have seen students coming out of their shyness and interacting with each other. They fix the issue and construct healthy relationships. External Dynamic allows them to check out, find, and believe easily, therefore minimize barriers

Premium outdoor learning experiences are shown to:

  • establish analytical and reflective thinking
  • motivate holistic progress
  • establish strength and versatility from time to time intense situations
  • allow the child to be more able to recognize threats and risks
  • establish a love, gratitude, and regard for nature and all that is living
  • develop an understanding of how we can take care of our environment
  • build self-confidence and self-awareness
  • establish collaborative-working and interaction abilities
  • Supply positive health advantages-- both physically and psychologically
  • establish a long-lasting love of the outdoors

Additional Support

  • Learning by doing Method
  • Project Method
  • Group Discussions.
  • Mental Maths and Reasoning
  • Computer Aided Learning
  • Theme study Concept
  • Theme Based Assemblies
  • Home and Class Assignments
  • Teach Next Interactive Classes.
  • Audio Visual Activities in AV Room.