Word on Uniform

The school uniform is an important element of the school life. We believe it has numerous benefits; helping students to focus on their work and their activities while at school, encouraging positive social interaction amongst pupils and even making life a little easier for parents. 

We also believe the uniform can help to create a sense of community. When worn properly it generates a shared identity among pupils and can help instil a sense of pride in the school.

Parents play a critical role in realizing all these benefits by making sure that their children wear their uniform smartly and correctly to school every day.

Wearing our school uniform is compulsory for all students attending APHS. We believe that wearing our uniform in a proud and smart manner promotes positive self-esteem and therefore is an integral part of our school culture. Please ensure your child arrives at school looking smart and ready for the day ahead.

All our students are expected to wear PE uniform on PE days. You will be informed about these days at the beginning of the academic year.

Our Principal will give notice regarding the dates when summer and winter uniforms are to be worn, according to seasonal weather conditions. Summer uniform will be required at the beginning of the academic year.


Girls Are Not Permitted:

(a) Make up

(b) Nail Varnish/long nail

(c) Accessories on wrists, fingers and neck

(d) Danglers or ear-ring( expected simple ear –ring- ¼ cm in diameter)

(e) Untied hair- if shoulder length or more

 (g) Colored / streaked hair

(h) Tattoo


Boys Not Permitted:

(a) improper, too long Hair

(b) Being without a vest under the shirt.

(c) Earring

(d) Fancy /goatee beards

(e)  Colored/streaked hair

(f) Accessories on wrist, fingers and neck

(g) Tattoo