Transportation Policy

The school buses are an extension of school and the same high expectations are still in place for all the pupils using them. 

  • Parents may not travel on the bus with students. 
  • Students may use their Mobile Device on the bus to listen to music, play games or watch a  movie, as long as they use headphones to do so. Students and parents are reminded that mobile  devices should not be used in school. 
  • Any photo, audio or video recording on the bus is strictly prohibited. 
  • Students have to behave in accordance with Student responsibility whilst on the school bus. 

If there is a problem on the bus, the bus monitor will point out the misdemeanor and request that it stops. It is expected that students will conform to the request.

Any form of misbehavior will be reported to the school Bus Coordinator and the following procedures will be followed:


  • First time – a verbal warning. 
  • Second time – a verbal warning and an e-mail home. 
  • Third time –an e-mail home and a day off the bus. 
  • Fourth time –parent meeting with a member of senior academic staff and a fortnight off the bus. 
  • Fifth time – expulsion from the bus service 

Students may also be assigned particular seats by the bus monitors if they do not behave properly on the bus. If problems persist, the school may decide that the student concerned can not use the school bus again. Such incidents will be recorded in the particular students file.


Pick Ups/ Drop Offs 

School buses try to ensure that they reach collection and drop-off points on time. However please be aware that delays may occur due to traffic conditions. The bus monitors will communicate such delays to parents in a timely manner. 

  • It is important that students are waiting at the stop at a designated time. In order to avoid delays on the route, the bus will not wait for longer than two minutes after the scheduled pick up time. 
  • All students must be met at the drop-off points by parents or authorised adults unless specified otherwise by parents in writing. If a child is not picked up within 10 minutes from the time stated on the bus schedule, the bus will continue its route and return to the students address upon dropping off all other students on this bus, unless the parent has been contacted by telephone and alternative arrangements made. 
  • In case of a medical emergency on the bus, the route might be diverted to the European Medical Center or to school. In this instance, parents of students and the school administration will be immediately notified. 


Communication regarding bus matters 

All communication with the school regarding bus matters should be addressed to the School Bus Coordinator. Parents who wish to  temporarily change the students bus program (i.e. early or personal pick up from school, etc.) should contact the school bus coordinator or bus monitor. 

Please be advised that if a child is not going to travel on the bus on a certain date due to an illness, family matter, etc. the Bus Coordinator should be informed about this in 24 hours in advance. 

Parents who wish to permanently change the students bus program (i.e. relocation etc) should email the school Bus Coordinator, no later than seven days prior to the change date. 


Student responsibility whilst on the School Bus 

  • Passengers must wear seatbelts. Any movement on the bus is prohibited until a full stop. Pushing, shoving and fighting are prohibited. 
  • Whilst on the bus passengers are to sit facing forward in the seats that have been assigned by the bus monitor.
  • Passengers may converse in a normal manner. Loud, profane or obscene language is not permitted. Remember that loud talking and laughing or unnecessary confusion diverts the driver’s attention and could result in a serious accident.
  • Passengers must not extend any part of their body through the school bus window. 
  • Passengers are prohibited from opening windows and throwing items out of the school bus windows. 
  • Passengers may not play radios, tape recorders, CD, mp3 players or any electronic devices unless using with earphones, whilst on board school buses.
  • Passengers may not drink, smoke on the buses. Eating snacks, which leave a lot of crumbs such as crisps, crunchy instant noodles, biscuits and etc. on the bus is not allowed. 
  • Books, coats, school equipment and band instruments cannot be placed in the bus aisles. 
  • Passengers must co-operate in keeping the bus clean and must not damage it. Any malicious or wilful damage to a school bus will result in immediate withdrawal of transportation services for the passenger or passengers involved. In addition, the cost of repairing the damage will be borne by the culprit. Passengers must also ensure that they don’t leave any litter on the bus such as candy wrappers and etc. 
  • Eating snacks, which leave a lot of crumbs such as crisps, crunchy instant noodles, biscuits and etc. on the bus is not allowed.
  • In case of an emergency, passengers are to remain in the bus unless otherwise instructed by the driver or bus monitor.
  • The driver is in complete charge of the bus and passengers must respect his authority.