From Principal’s Desk


It is immense pleasure taking my time to write down a message for our futurists. I personally welcome you to Aryob Private High School. We, at Aryob Private High School, are committed to explore the infinite potential, passion for learning and longing to visit untraveled paths inscribed in students. 

Today schooling is not all about books and classes; it is about creating educated Human Beings and developing civilized, social, literate and successful citizens of the future which is the ultimate goal Aryob will be seriously pursuing under new leadership.. 

To support and guide our children’s learning, we call for the support of our dear parents in ensuring that our children:

  • Attend school daily and arrive on time
  • Complete all homework assignments given by teachers
  • Read books and newspaper daily to develop a love for reading and to enhance literacy skills
  • Share school experiences with you
  • Adhere to proper decorum

At Aryob Private High School, we are committed to create a community focused on nurturing young minds through innovative pedagogies in an enabling and caring environment. We welcome students, parents, staff and visitors to come and be a part of the community enriched with a sense of belonging, built around a culture of excellence and innovation.

We intend to do so through implementing a powerful curriculum focused on equipping students with essential fluencies for developing skills that they will need to succeed today and in the future. Our curriculum delivery model is focused on inquiry-based learning complemented by teacher directed sessions to provide children with not only a strong academic foundation but also the skill set required to be effective in any facet of their future life. Inquiry-based pedagogy helps create deeper understanding and goes beyond mere memorization of facts and content.

On daily basis, I together with my professional team, it is our determination to implement the program in away to keep students updated, educated, entertained and developed at world-class level. 

I thank you for trusting Aryob Private High School to nurture your child and wish to assure you that we will do what we can to meet the dreams of your child. This will always remain my personal commitment to you.

 Lets be the change we wish to see in this world.