Behavior Management Strategies

Areas of Concern Action to be taken by the School
Note: The serial order specifies the successive steps to be taken by the school in regard to areas of concern.
 Coming Late to school
  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Parents to be informed through a note/e-mail/sms
  3. Parents to be called and the student to be sent home
Bunking Classes
Movement in the Corridors
  1. Warning and extra assignments in the respective subjects
  2. Parents to be informed by e-mail/sms and extra assignments to be given
  3. Memo
  4. After School detention
  5. Yellow Card
  6. Suspension


Bulling, Aggressive
Behavior &
Abusive Language
  1. Written apology to go into the student’s record. One copy of the same to be retained by the class teacher
  2. Parents to be informed by e-mail/sms
  3. After School detention
  4. Suspension
Turnout  If any student’s turnout is not as per the standards and requirements of school turnout (which is mentioned in the school almanac)
  1. Verbal warning (twice)
  2. Parents to be informed by e-mail/sms
  3. Student to be sent home after informing the parents
 Defaulter at work
  1. Verbal warning
  2. Withdrawal of break/P.E. period
  3. Detention until work is finished
  4. Parents to be informed by e-mail/sms
  5. Community service to be decided by school
  6. Memo 
 Breakage of School Property  Fine as per the cost of the damage/Withdrawal of break/P.E. period
 Noise in the class  Community Service/Withdrawal of break/P.E. period
 Untidy Classrooms
  1. Students to clean the class room
  2. Withdrawal of break/P.E. period.

A positive school environment does not simply happen: teachers, parents and students need to work hard together to develop it. Therefore certain rules are necessary to make this possible.