Aryob Private High School founded in 1387 M.S year in Shah Shaheed, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The founding body was the then member of Parliament Abdul Qader Watandost Zazai. As soon he paved way to the parliament and got occupied with businesses, the school ownership transferred to the then-Minister of Information and Technology Mr. Shahzad Aryobee. The same was the case with Mr. Aryobee.

The current ownership is with an academic institution having local and international experience and operating in 21 countries of the world—Rokyan Management Consultancy International FZE.

Rokyan is at its full commitment of expanding the school at categories of:

  • Aryob Boys School
  • Aryob Girls School 
  • Aryob International School 

In addition, the school is to be expanded at different districts of Kabul and will be launched in provinces: i.e. Nangrahar, Balkh, Kandahar, Herat.

Further, the institution will seek for partnership in the region and will expand its connectivity to Central Asia.