We are committed to help out our people get into education and regularly offer scholarships at different stages. All scholarships are based on merits. 

From 03 years and continue until they complete G12.

For time being Ministry of Education and Oxford School System

We strive to maintain a maximum number of 20 students in each class although many of our classes have considerably less on roll. 

For time being English. We are working to add French and Turkish too. 

ASS is able to provide transport to and from its main sites. Please ask for details when applying for your child’s place at our school. 

The Sports Program at ASS combines competition and participation. We focus on the key aspects of skill, engagement, sportsmanship, leadership and fitness. 
The main sports that we compete in are football, cricket, volleyball and swimming. We compete in tournaments both internationally and in Kabul. 

We work hard to ensure a smooth transition into our school. On their first day in school, children will be met by their Class Teacher / Form Tutor at the beginning of the day. Every child who is new to the school is paired with a ‘Buddy’ who will help them throughout their first week in school. We invite all new parents into school at the end of the first week to discuss any issues and answer any questions.

We have a strong belief in our positive approach to behavior. Students are rewarded, individually and collectively as a class, for their attitude, effort, achievement and for upholding the standards that we agree on. We treat our students as creative, independent and thoughtful individuals and trust them to act responsibly. On the rare occasion students do not live up to our expectations, we have clear procedures that involve the student, their parents and their tutor or teacher, to ensure that they learn from the experience. 

We communicate via email, personal calls. In addition, we invite them to school premises for timely meetings. 

Our parents are invited to take an active role in school life, with many events offering parents the opportunity to spectate or participate directly. In addition, as we encourage families to support their children from home, we have a number of information channels to keep parents informed about classroom learning.

Yes and it is a very serious one in the areas of science, math, English and Non-verbal reasoning. For preps, only interactive assessment and shall be toilet-trained. 

Yes. Normally, we publish the information about our winter programs by end of academic year! 

  • Infirmary - There is an in house Infirmary which does regular health checkups for all our children. It also provides the child first aid in case of an injury. There are regular health checkups for the staff also. We have trained staff in the Infirmary and a ready panel of doctors for quick referrals. We also have ambulance facility.
  • Water - Impure or contaminated water is the root cause of many problems. Our children drink water purified through RO (Reverse Osmosis) system instead of normal filters. Periodic checks are conducted.
  • Flooring – The School has dust free wooden flooring for juniors and ceramic floors for seniors.
  • Food hygiene – We serve dietitian designed, balanced vegetarian ‘good-mood-food’. Regular medical checkups are conducted for the Staff especially in the F&B (Food and Beverages) department.
  • Support Staff - Well-groomed female attendants have been employed to look after the cleanliness of the Main School Building. The teachers also ensure that the habit of cleanliness and personal hygiene is inculcated in our children.  The toys for children are non-toxic..
  • Wash Rooms – These areas are sparkling clean and constantly supervised.

Most schools ignore these important areas whereas we pay TOP MOST attention.

  • There is 24/7 surveillance of the entire campus through close circuit cameras and regular monitoring through digital video recording.
  • There is 100% power back up.
  • Fire extinguishers, hydrant systems, and high powered smoke detention sensors have been installed.
  • The wiring used is smoke free to avoid suffocation in case of fire.
  • The staff has been trained for first aid and firefighting. The entire building is fitted with sensor controlled lighting based on lux level.

The School provides three types of counseling:

  • Student Counseling - We have highly experienced and qualified counselors to guide students on various issues. They deal with the social, emotional and academic lives of each student in the school. As and when required, the counselor interacts with the parents to help them understand their child’s problems better
  • Career Counseling – We have collaborated with experienced and renowned counselling agencies to provide personalized career counselling to senior students. This helps them to choose a better stream and profession for themselves according to their interests and aptitude.
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability – Our SEND department deals with the children having special needs and requirements. We are the only School in town to provide this facility.

Apart from the regular sports faculty we have special visiting faculty coming to School regularly to give the children personalized and formal training in the sport of their choice. A child can choose the game he or she likes to play and also has the option of making a change after the mid-term examinations. Apart from a humongous playground, the School has a Splash pool, a professionally designed Tennis courts and a putting Golf course. Our Swimming pool project is in the pipeline.

  • Since we have an in-house kitchen, it is very easy to ensure high standards of cleanliness and give the best quality food to children. The Dining Hall coordinator makes regular visits to the kitchen to ensure cleanliness. We involve our Prefects for menu choices. Our teachers also dine in the School mess and provide regular feedback.


  • The food is prepared by qualified Chefs.


  • The F & B Staff goes through periodical medical checkup.


  • The food prepared is dietician approved vegetarian food, meeting complete standards of nutrition.

Yes, we have transport facility. Our well maintained buses are under the camera surveillance. To know more about the routes, contact administration: services@aryobs.com 

The children are picked up from a common point, close to the residence of the child.

The drivers are trained ones and know how to take care. Since teachers also use the bus service, they ensure discipline with the help of senior students.

 Attendance is taken on a daily basis.

  • Regular PTM’s are arranged for the students of all classes. The third Saturday of every month is especially observed as the day for Parent Teacher Meetings, after regular school hours.

  • The School organizes Coffee & Conversation mornings for various classes regularly to obtain parent feedback, deal with their queries and work in communion with the parents to attain complete development for their wards. This also gives the parents a chance to understand any changes in the curriculum and examination patterns.


  • Parents are invited to conduct workshops in the School. This takes our scheme of Parent-School collaboration to a completely new level.

  • Technology is reshaping our educational system. Chrome books, laptops and tablets are the new educational essentials. Since we are dealing with the ‘millennium generation’, our aim is to make them full-fledged digital natives.
  •  We have highly equipped computer / laptop labs for staff and students. The number of computer terminals enables the students to use them on a one to one basis.

Yes, our students are taken to various educational tours both within the country and abroad. Students have also visited the United Kingdom and experienced hands-on learning in many spheres. We also organize trips to nearby locations, for all classes.

The parents can pay on monthly, quarterly or all at once the fee for their kids. The payment

can be done in cash on-counter or at the bank and parents can share the deposit slips at: services@aryobs.com with administration for financial updates.